Panda School

Interactive ABC learning game


Hey-hey! Come in Panda's School, there's fun! Our fluffy teacher will introduce you to the alphabet and its components - the letters, sounds and writing rules. All letters in the alphabet are active, so you can decide where to begin. Panda will tell you in what order and in what direction parts of the letter are drawn, and how to write it entirely.

Colorful adventure and excellent online training with a friendly furry teacher will help the child to master new skills with pleasure. At the beginning of training each letter is pronounced, and in the end the player opens a whole word with it, which is illustrated by the 3D-drawing. Training can be repeated countless times. 


Навчальна Складова

The game is created to make the alphabets of various languages easy to study. It is suitable both for very young children mastering their native language and for students who started to study the foreign one. The game is designed for teaching children to write letters and pronounce the sounds marking them.

You can learn four alphabets with Panda: ukrainian, russian, english and japanese.


Fine motor skills: the game is based on the writing of the most accurate and clearly "drawn" letters - figures of various shapes and complexity;

Memory: a game process involved in multiple types of memory - motor, auditory and image ones;

The initial writing skills;


Тип гри

The game is created according to the educational scheme "saw-repeated-understood."

Bright style of the game captures the child and the learning process brings pleasure, forming an important association "study is a pleasure."