Captain Vector's Treasures

Yo ho ho! Let's get a ship and find all the treasures!


Yo-ho-ho! All hands on deck! Old Captain Vector seeks additions to his crew! It’s time to go on a journey toward riches and glory, isn’t it?

Under the leadership of an old sea dog you learn to add vectors; and then you entrust the steer wheel and the captainship. Together, your crew and you will cross the enchanted sea, where it is necessary not only to deal with vagaries of the flow, but also to avoid whirlpools and sea monsters.

Навчальна Складова

The game is created in order to explain to the player what vector is and how to add vectors correctly.


Strategic planning: the route being the easiest to sail is not always the best

Responsibility: each player's action has consequences, so you should understand what you do and why

Management of resources: it is necessary to not only collect treasures, but also control the food stock for the crew.

Тип гри

The game combines features of a physical puzzle and colorful adventure story. This allows to keep the players’ interest and teach them a difficult topic in an entertaining way.