In the following privacy policy terms shall mean

Platform (universinet) means a set of web-sites and/or mobile applications, computer programs, content, games, accessible services and technical capabilities, placed on the Platform.

Web-site(s) means a set of web-pages, access to which is gained with using one of the domain names (addresses):;;

School server (Unibox)means a soft- and hardware complex, which serves to provide free admission to some paid services and games for the Users. The school server is delivered to schools according to the Agreement on rendering services on the month subscriber fee.

This private policy explains, how information about you is collected, used and disclosed by the private enterprise «Bristar» (hereinafter referred to as «Company») during your use of the Platform and School servers.

By visiting the Platform or the School server you accept our Privacy Policy and allow the Company to collect, use and disclose information about you according to the purposes, specified below.

You hereby agree to Your personal data being processed and confirm, that You are notified of the order, purpose and also other conditions of the processing according to articles 6, 8, 10, 11 of the «Law of Ukraine on Protection of personal data».

Hereby you confirm, that You possess adequate legal capacity according to the laws of the state, where this consent was given and agree to your personal data being processed under conditions, set out on this privacy policy. In case of being not fully legally capable, you hereby confirm, that consent to these rules was given by Your parent, guardians, who possess full legal capacity and are empowered by the law of the state of Your jurisdiction to give such a consent.

We may occasionally alter privacy policy. In case of amendments we notify you, updating a date on the top of the policy. We recommend You to review privacy policy, when you gain access to the Platform, in order to stay informed about conditions and procedure of processing Your personal data, as well about methods to defend their confidentiality.


A possessor of personal data means a natural or a legal person, who defines the purpose of processing personal data, determines their structure and procedures of processing, unless otherwise is provided by the law.

Personal data subject’s consent means any free natural person’s expression concerning agreement to the personal data being processed according to the formulated purpose of processing.

Processing of personal datameans any act or set of acts, committed entirely or partly in the information (automatic) system and/or in the files of personal data, which are related to collecting, registration, storing, reservation, adaptation, alteration, renovation, using and sharing (distribution, realization, remittal), depersonalization, elimination of records about a natural person.

Personal data means information or an aggregate of information about the natural person, who is or can be specifically identified.

A disposer of the data basis means a natural or a legal person, whom the owner of the data basis entrusted processing the data.

Personal data subject means a natural or a legal person, whose personal data is processed according to the law.


Personal non-property rights to personal data, owned by every natural person are integral and inviolable. Personal data subject is entitled:

    1. to be informed about sources of collecting, location of his personal data, purpose of the processing, location or a place of residence (or temporary residence) of the owner or disposer of personal data or to give a mandate concerning gaining this information to the authorized persons, except cases, provided by the law;

    2. to gain information about conditions of providing access to the personal data, in particular, information about third parties, whom such personal data will be imparted;

    3. to have access to his personal data;

    4. to gain a respond, whether his personal data is processed, at the latest before thirty calendar days since reception of the require, except cases, prescribed by the law, and to gain content of such personal data;

    5. to make a motivated claim/complaint to the owner of the personal data with objections against processing of personal data;

    6. to make a motivated claim concerning alteration or elimination of his personal data to any owner or disposer of the personal data, in case of processing this data illegally or inadequately;

    7. to have protection of his/her personal data against illegal processing or accidental lose, damaging, connected with intentional hiding, non-providing or providing of information untimely, which is unreliable or disgraces honor, dignity and business reputation of the natural person;

    8. to file a complaint regarding processing of personal data to the Representative or to the court;

    9. to resort to means of legal protection in case of breaching legislation of protection;

    10. to make disclaimers concerning restricting of the right to processing of personal data during while giving the consent;

    11. to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data;

    12. to know the mechanism of automatic processing of personal data;

    13. to have protection against automatized decisions, which has legal effects for him.

3. Collection of information

Information is collected automatically through the Platform and the School Server. In case You gain access to the Platform, School Server we automatically collect information about You, including following:

Information about an account: in case You create an account on the Platform or a School Server, we may collect and use information from Your account, including an e-mail, mobile phone, zip code and another information, which you provide in Your account, for instance, your sex and date of birth. In case you indicate Your name or provide any photo during signing-up, this information will be publicly published as a part of Your account.

Payment information: when you provide data concerning a method of payment, we gain this data and decipher this information, using standard sectoral technology.

Log files: We register information on using of the Platform, School Server, including a the type of the used device, time of access and Your IP-address.

Information about device: we collect information about the device, which You use in order to gain access to the Platform, School Server (hereinafter referred to as – the Devices), including information on device’s computer software, hardware, etc.

Information about using: we collect information about using of the Platform, School Service, including your other actions, in case they occur.

Information about interests: we collect information about material, which You are interested in, which is related to Your using of the Platform, School Server.

Your geolocations: we collect information about Your geolocations.

We also may gain information from other sources and combine with information, which we collect through the Platform and School Servers.


We and third parties, whom we collaborate with, may use cookie-files, web-beacons, tags, scripts, general local objects as HTML 5 and Flash (sometimes calles as «flash cookies»), advertising identifiers) including mobile identifiers, such as IDFA from Apple or Google advertising identifier) and similarly technologies («Cookies») with regard to using of the Platform, extraneous websites and mobile applications. Cookie files can serve as unique identifiers and be installed on Your computer, in the mobile application or per e-mails, which we send You and on Your web-sites. Cookie files can transmit information about You and Your using of the Platform, for instance, about type of Your browser, searching options, IP-address, data, related to the advertisement, and date of using the Platform, cookie files may be stored or be stored just during a particular session.

We use Cookies on the Platform in order to:

· organize work of the Platform as You suppose to:

· prevent fraud, protect Your data against unauthorized parties and abide by legal requirements;

· retain information concerning how, in You opinion, the Platform and the School Server should be used better;

· understand, how You use the Platform and the School Server.

Cookie-files management. Probably, you can opt out some (but not all) Cookies through configurations of your device or browser, but it can effect functionality of the Platform. Method of opting Cookies out may distinct depending on the device or browser, but usually it can be found in security options.


We may use information about You for different purposes, such as:

· To develop new web-sites and Services;

· In order to provide, maintain and upgrade the Platform and School Servers;

· In order to provide and supply goods and Services, respective information ordered by You and to send You;

· In order to send You e-mails;

· In order to send You target, including advertising, crelevant content (material) (including announcements), which are provided by third parties or by Us. At the same time, we do not bear responsibility for the content of the goods and Services, provided by third parties;

· In order to provide with the news about the Platform, School Servers and Company’s work, which you can be interested in, in our honest opinion;

· In order to personalize and upgrade providing of the Services and enable an individual approach;

· In order to provide You with links, in combination with information, which we gain from others to understand Your needs and to render better Service;

· In order to realize any other purposes, information was collected for.

By giving Your Consent to our privacy policy or by any other means rendering Us information, you agree to the information being processed and transmitted, including Ukraine.


We may render information about You as it is described in this privacy policy or by other means:

· to suppliers, consultants and other provider of the Services, who need access to such information in order to perform works on behalf of Us;

· in response to a request on rendering information, in case we consider, that disclosure of information is acceptable according any applied law or rules of the court process;

· in case we consider, that Your data is not agreed upon spirit or the text of our Agreements or users’ policies, and also preservation of rights and security of the Company or other persons;

· in connection with or during negotiations, any merging, disposal of the Company’s assets, financing and buying of the whole business or its part by the other Company;

· to the third parties, who want to render the advertisement of relevant content for You and who have legal relationships with us (in such case we render only impersonalized information)

We also may render compelated or impersonalized information, which can be used for Your identification.


The Platform may propose information exchange through social nets and other integrated instuments (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, "Like" – bottoms), that allow to share information from the Platform. To gain additional information about purposes, scale of data collecting and processing in connection with exchange through social nets, please, visit privacy policy of subjects, who render these opportunities.


We may allow third parties to render context and other advertising announcements and provide with analytical Services, related to the work of the Platform, School Servers. These persons may use different identifiers to collect information about using of the program, including Your IP-address, MAC-address, identifiers of devices, program software and information about gadgets, time zone and information about using, including information, set out in the paragraph 1 of this private policy. This information may be used by the Company and others, besides all, for identifying of popularity of particular content, for providing with context and another advertisement and to understand better work of the Platform.


The company takes reasonable measures to protect information about You against loss, stealing, incorrect using and unauthorized access, alteration and elimination.


You may apply with questions concerning this private policy at any time, by sending an e-mail at the following URL: . \By signing-up on the Platform and on the School Server You automatically you’re your consent with gaining distribution of information or advertising nature from the Company or/and its partners.


The Company will store and use information as much as it is necessary to render Services of high quality so long as such using is recognized by the Company as appropriate.