Arts. 1-st degree. E-Textbook

L. Masol, O. Gaydamaka, O. Kolotylo


Explore Country of Arts with this e-textbook. You will journey to this country with your friends Lasolka and Barwyk. They will teach you to sing, to draw and to represent the beauty of environments in arts.

Field of science

The E-textbook was created on the basis of a paper textbook approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

The multimedia and interactive content of the e-textbook fully corresponds to the curriculum.


E-Textbook allows pupils to read text, watch and listen to multimedia content, and to perform interactive tasks. All of this is linked with the built-in system for evaluating a pupil’s knowledge, and makes the learning process deeper, easier and more engaging.

Type of game

The E-Textbook content is represented in the form of an interesting story. Practical tasks which give experience points to the pupil make the process of study more akin to a game.