Launch the app and start learning melodies!


Pianissimo is a children's educational game for musical literacy basics learning. It is suitable for both children and adults. 

Pianissimo contains many popular melodies for studying and playing. 

In addition to musical literacy, Pianissimo contributes to the development of fine motor skills and memory.
Launch the app and start learning melodies!

Field of science

The game looks like interactive piano keyboard and have different play modes: 
   • learning mode 
   • metronome mode 
   • notes playing mode 
   • free play mode  




Pianissimo allows to develop such skills as 

   • musical memory
   • sense of rhythm
   • muscle memory
   • fine motor skills


Pianissimo allows to play on a serval different musical instrsruments: 

    • piano
   • banjo
   • xylophone
   • flute

Type of game

Pianissimo can be used as a supplement to the Arts e-texbook app (1st grade) and as an independent application.