Heroes of Math and Magic

Educational games for 3rd grade


In the country of Mathmagic all is not good for a long time. Valleys are full of monsters, and bandits are hiding in the gorges. You will have to give them a fight with the book of spells and your arithmetic skills under the guidance of the Teacher. Solve tasks and you could run spells into enemies. Some collected artifacts will strengthen your combat abilities. Fight, win, and do not forget: at the end of the adventure you will have to outwit the Dragon.

Chaos has come to the country of Mathmagic. Valleys are swarming with monsters, and gorges are full of bandit hideouts. Guide your hero into a fight with evil, armed with spellbook and arithmetic skills. Solve tasks and rain wrath of math elements upon your enemies. Collect magic artifacts to increase your combat abilities.

Master the power of arithmetic operations, free the country from invaders and prepare for the ultimate challenge - duel of wits with mighty Dragon.

Field of science

"Heroes of Math and Magic" cowers basic arithmetic skills, including arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with up to four one- or two-digit numbers.

The game can be implemented for the course "Common Core Mathematics" in 3d grade.


"Heroes of Math and Magic" teaches the child to perform arithmetic operations on the fly. And engaging style of turn-based RPG encourages him to return again and again even if the battle seems too hard.

This game is helpful not only in following mathematics curriculum. It encourages quick thinking. This will be useful for both kids who are learning to learn, and adults who want to train their brain. Increasing challenge will keep any player on his toes.


Type of game

"Heroes of Math and Magic" is a role-playing game with turn-based combat. Battle actions are performed via solving arithmetic tasks. The harder the task gives the more damage the character can block or make. "Spells" vary from simple addition of two numbers to combinations of all four basic operations.

Through the course of the game player can find or buy various artifacts, that increase health pool, power of spells or time limit of spellcasting. The game is entirely completeable without such bonuses (yes, we did try that), so you can treat them as a tool to modify game difficulty.