Element Rush

Interactive chemistry test


In order to pass the road, you have to take the first steps. In order to study chemistry, you need to understand the principles of the periodic table. So, come to our wonderful Chemistry Lab! Professor will present you the basic concepts of chemistry and talk about the periodic table - the history of its creation and principles of elements location. During the lecture, you need to answer several questions to demonstrate your mastery of the material.

After the theoretical basis you will get the opportunity to test your knowledge and understanding of the periodic table in practice. You are to find a named element in the table for the specified time. Moreover, the game includes a complete list of elements with descriptions of their properties and interesting facts of their use.

Field of science

Element Rush aims to cover the Mendeleev's Periodic law. This game also could be interesting for chemistry beginners and for students of higher school.

Game can be used to help the child advance through course or implemented in schools to accompany teacher’s lessons.


We made chemistry learning interesting! Try to play Chemistry Rush for 15 min and you will see that your knowledge of Mendeleev's Table become much better.

This game is multi-user, so you can play with your friends.

Type of game

Game content is structured similarly to the school curriculum in collaboration with chemistry teachers so it could be implemented in schools to accompany teacher’s lessons.

It helps evaluate student's memory, their academic success through the subject.