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UniHero is an application that allows you to save and accumulate progress in any of the educational games of the Bristar company.

Captain Vector Treasures

Yo ho ho! Let's get a ship and find all the treasures!

A player meets a treassure hunter - the captain Vector, who invites to join the magical sea-voyage full of adventures. The player has to learn the rules of the vector addition in order to control the ship and collect the gold treasures.

Color Tale

Interactive music story that will have a user engaged every step of the way

Explore a magic fairy tale world in Color Tale, a fun interactive game for kids. Enjoy full voice acting and discover numerous coloring pages with your children!

Element Rush

Interactive chemistry test

Do you know chemistry well enough? Let's check it. Learn element names, their table positions and check your knowledge playing with your friends.

Heroes of Math and Magic

Educational games for 3d grade

In the country of Mathmagic all is not good for a long time. Valleys are full of monsters, and bandits are hiding in the gorges. You will have to give them a fight with the book of spells and your arithmetic skills under the guidance of the Teacher. Solve tasks and...

Panda School

Interactive ABC learning game

The Panda School! puts up the player to the alphabet and its components - letters, sounds and spelling rules. It also helps to expand vocabulary.


Educational MMO RPG for all.

New adventure waits for you. Explore bright, colourful world of Uniland with your friends. Learn everything about math, biology, literature and other subjects. Discover interesting facts about...