• What is edutainment?

    Edutainment is a new way of education, education through entertainment. Many children seem to be bored while studying. But we know for sure that the most of them love interesting games. Our educational games will encourage your child to learn new and will associate this process with fun.

    Universinet.org  – is a free web portal, built on the basic principles of Edutainment. Here you can find more than 20 educational games, video tutorials, E-library and interactive lessons. Now you have no need to go somewhere to learn a new subject. You just need to download the proper game.

  • Unimaster

    In today's world the most valuable currency is information. And from the rate of information exchange often depends not only on the solution of domestic problems, but also much more serious things. In a widely ramified network availability to exchange information is not difficult if you have convenient and reliable instrument.

    Unimaster is a cross-platform interactive whiteboard that combines all the necessary functions for communication. Unimaster was developed as a tool for distance learning to provide student the same quality of education as well as at the time of physical presence in the audience.

  • Our virtual teachers - in your pocket!

    There should be no barriers to knowledge in the modern world. Our children should be able to get instant answers to their questions. Therefore, we want to combine the training needs with the possibilities of augmented reality. Our virtual teachers from Uniland - right in your pocket! It is enough to take a picture of the desired QR code, and one of them will come for help and tell everything you want to know.

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